Greenwashing FDI -The Need For Real Green Strategies and Sustainable Measures

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is set to rebound in 2021 and even jump back to pre-Covid levels in 2022. This optimism is based on GDP growth (+5.8%) and trade forecasts (+8%) according to recently published reports by UNCTAD and OECD. While these pure economic projections provide enough of a playground for economic development practitioners, COVID-19 has furthermore accelerated the overall tendency of businesses to consider sustainability in investment decisions. Recent reports by UNCTAD, EY and fDi Intelligence highlight the unprecedented surge of “green” investment projects with record numbers of FDI and employment creation. So, while FDI in 2020 drastically declined, finance for sustainable development substantially increased with considerable output in job creation.

5 Aug, 2021
Author: Jens Manke

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The Myth Of The Declining City

Cities have often been focal points for international trade.  While many have seemed deserted during the cornavirus pandemic, they have in fact maintained their share of foreign direct investment.

Author: John McIlroy

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The OCO Global Innovation Index Awards

It was fabulous to see the engagement levels with our innovation awards for the IPA community. It tells me two things: there is a genuine interest in learning how the investment attraction business is likely to evolve post pandemic, and also that we are all in desperate need of a glitzy night out! We hope to deliver more sparkle next year in a face to face event!

Author: Mark O’Connell

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Hong Kong, la localisation idéale des Family Offices

Quelles sont les tendances récentes du côté des Family Offices, ces gestionnaires de grande fortune ? Ce secteur, qui pesait plus de 11 milliards de dollars en 2019, devrait dépasser les 16 milliards en 2025, selon le dernier rapport de MarketWatch. Dans cette ascension, l’Asie jouera sans aucun doute un rôle prédominent, avec la Chine et particulièrement Hong Kong aux avant-postes : d’après le classement Forbes des milliardaires en 2020, 6 des 10 villes les plus riches du monde se situent en Asie, dont 4 en Chine. Ce top 4 comporte Hong Kong qui prend, aussi et surtout, la 2ème place mondiale.

Author: Christelle Maffre

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